FitBit Ultra My New Best Friend For Fun Exercise

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First let me say I don’t like exercise. I lost 80 pounds and have kept it off for over two years. That was my first journey and now I’m looking for activities I like to do to keep me in shape.

Recently I have seen a lot of talk about this new little pedometer the FitBit. People claim it gets them moving and working harder. I saw it in the Target flyer this week so I ran out and got one last night.

My first test was wearing it to bed. It tracks your sleep don’t ask me how. It said I woke up 5 times and I walked 46 steps. As far as I know I never stepped foot out of bed so I don’t know where the steps came from but I scored 98% on my sleep. There is a website where you track and enter info. You can set goals, list what you ate and it will track calories consumed and burned.

Well today just for fun I asked my husband to drive me up Rib Mountain so I could climb the look out tower and see how many flights of stairs it would track. To my surprise it even tracked the walk up the hill to the tower how does it do that? When I got to the top I had 18 flights of stairs. When I got home I had an email from FitBit. I earned my first badge.

How cool was that. By looking at the site I found I could earn another badge for 25 flights good thing we have stairs in the house so I ran up and down them a bunch of times and I got my second badge of the day before bed.

I did real well on my climbing 250 feet up. My total steps were only 4000 so far. They say you should aim for 10,000 per day. I’ll have to work up to that. FitBit also has a social side where you can make friends and compare scores. On our weight loss site they are walking across the US as a team virtually with FitBit.

So my first day using the FitBit has been a success. I got in more stairs than I would have. I’m having fun learning all the tools on the site and I think it will be a great tool to make my daily activity measurable and fun!

Update before I went to bed I just had to get a steps badge for 5000 steps I was only a few hundred steps away so I went walking around the house up and down stairs in circles. Glad noone was watching and I got to 5000 steps. Here’s my badge to prove it.

I never thought a little gadget likt this FitBit would have me walking all over the house at 11:30 pm just to get an email badge sent to me. Who knew something as simple as that could do so much?

If you would like more info on the program I used to lose 80 lbs and keep it off for over two years you can learn more on my site I’m Coach NatalieJo


Super Deal Personal Development Success Library Review

I love books, I love learning and I believe that in order to be more successful in life we need to learn lessons from great mentors that live successful lives. One of my favorite mentors is the late Jim Rohn.

I in turn share lessons I learn with others to pay it forward. This is the best deal I
have found in months to grow your success library. The offer is limited so I jumped
on it quickly and my books arrived in time for a long holiday weekend.


12 Classic Personal Development Books PLUS Bonus - Click Image to Close


Here is a link to the page. Click here
It includes 12 success titles from many different authors. The bonus of The Slight Edge CD by Jeff Olsen was the first item I started with.  It’s the new revised edition. I’m in a business group and they reviewed his book last month and I never got around to buying it, so now I have both the book and cd’s which I highly recommend. I love that I could get other things done and still get through the book. I could stop the CD and pick up the book and mark important ideas I need to go back to. Those two items were worth the 57.00 investment and I still have so many more books to read.


Two of the books I already had read, The Twelve pillars and Jim Rohn’s book of quotes so I have two gifts to pass along to friends. I was surprised to learn Chris Widener did a sequel to The twelve Pillars called Above All Else and I’ve just started on that book which is included in the package.


 It’s a deal not to be missed at a savings of 70% act fast! I hope you enjoy the deal as much as I did.

Send Christmas Cards Fast- Send Out Cards- Time Saving

This time of year gets very busy getting ready for the Holidays.  There’s cleaning, shopping, cooking, cards, decorating, baking, parties, etc.  I’m always looking for ways to save time so I can get more done.
This year I learn about a great idea that saved me a lot of time on sending out my Christmas Cards.  In years past I have tried many different ideas.  A few years I even hand made each card.  The past few years we went with a photo postcard and a family letter.  I started printing out my labels on the computer and that saved a lot of time but didn’t look that great.
This year I was introduced to Send Out Cards at the end of November.  My first thought was it would be a great program to keep in touch with all my clients during the year.  It would streamline sending out Birthday and holiday cards so I signed up. The clock was ticking so I had to get busy quickly. I found the system very easy to learn.  I chose my birthday cards to send out in December, worked on adding the database of names and addresses and then started designing my Christmas Card.  My husband always writes the family newsletter so I just used that on the inside of the card. I updated my Christmas list addresses added them to the program and with a few clicks of the mouse I was able to send out 142 cards.  The company will print them and fold them and place them in a hand stamped, addressed envelope with our return address on the outside.  It’s sealed shut and mailed out for me. Now that all the addresses are in the program sending out next years cards will go even quicker.
I can also send out gifts with my cards or gift cards all with the click of a mouse.
This has saved me so much time now I have to get back to my shopping.  Time is running out to order things online. I started doing most of my shopping online a few years ago when I learned about cash back sites like Big Crumbs and EBates. Not only do I get to use coupons and discounts but they pay me back a % of my purchase from shopping thru their portal. Big Crumbs will even give you 5.00 when you sign up. I don’t have to brave the cold, find a parking space and fight the crowds my selections are delivered right to the door and most of the time with free shipping.  If you stick with the big box stores the items can be  returned or exchanged easily.
I’m off to do my shopping.  Hope some of these hints will save you time and money this year.
Merry Christmas!

Amazon Celebrates Earth Day 2010 April 22nd Save Money & The Planet


Earth Day 2010 is April 22nd is celebrating with the launching of the Earth Day 2010 Store

I’m all for saving the planet and if I can save some green in the process all the better.
Check out great money savings offers on items you need in every area of your life. 
They even have a Trade-In Store, reuse, recycle get green back.
So this year think before you buy and check out first and see if you can save more green while saving the planet.

Go Green


25% Off Land’s End Swimwear Discount Code Ebates & Big Crumbs

I’m a big fan of shopping online. 

I like to think I got the best deal on the things I buy and I don’t really like shopping. Shopping online lets me check out the best deals all over the Internet and then when I make my purchase I always use a shopping portal that gives me a rebate on my purchase and coupon code too.
My two favorite shopping portals are BigCrumbs and EBates and I check them both to see which has the largest rebate for where I’m shopping.  I’m often able to use online coupons and get free shipping too.
For example today I went shopping for a swimsuit.  A little history here I recently lost  -88 lbs on this program.  Yep, I was shocked too.  Nothing ever worked for me but this works for everyone that follows it and it’s easy.  I’m now a Free Health Coach with the company and I would be happy to help you lose weight and get healthy too.

Learn more here

Sorry, where was I?  Oh ya, I needed a new swim suit so I was looking at my copy of the Land’s End catalog and got an idea of what I wanted.  I got an email from Lands end yesterday with a 25% off swimwear coupon code and free shipping deal till April 12th. Next I went to my 2 favorite portals BigCrumbs first and they don’t offer rebates on Land’s End but EBates does.  So I logged into my EBates account and started shopping from that page so I would get credit. That’s very important you need to start your shopping from the portal for credit.
The Land’s End email also had a clickable link that takes you to their site but then you don’t get the rebate.  Always shop from the portal.  On the Land’s End email in fine print it tells you the coupon discount code and pin to use at check out.  Here it is if you want use it too.
Or at checkout, on the Billing Information page, go to the section labeled “Promotion Code” (above the credit card payment box) and manually enter the Promotion Code APRIL12 and PIN 2027 in the space provided.
So I placed all my items in the shopping cart and checked out I made sure to add my coupon code and pin and I even had a gift card to use.  I doubled check to make sure my shipping was free and I got my 25% off and It used my gift card for payment and it did everything correctly.
I saved 25% or $43.39, got free shipping and I’ll be getting 2% cash back from EBates.  
Some stores offer 15% back on purchases. 
The portals I use are FREE to sign up and some even pay you.  Ebates will give you $5.00 when you make your first purchase  start from here then they will pay you $5.00 for each friend you send over that also shops from there. It’s a community like facebook but you can make money and save money all in one place. Bigcrumbs also pays you when your friends save money.
I use shopping portals for all my online shopping along with coupon codes.  It really saves me time and money around the holidays.
If you would like to be part of my group on EBates click here to sign up
To be part of my group on Bigcrumbs click here
Happy Saving To You All!

Home Based Business Owners Keep More Save On Your Taxes The Easy Way

Yes it’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking about taxes.  Last years taxes.  What you should be planning for is this years tax savings.  You need to know what will save you the most money, how to keep proper records and if it’s all legal.  Who has time to do all that research? 

Our accountant doesn’t even know these money saving tax tips.  So I search around and a few years ago I found Ron Mueller and bought a copy of his book.  Since then Ron keeps updating his book to stay current with all the tax savings laws. He also lists each law with a reference number so I have proof for my accountant.

This book will save you way more than it costs and it’s even a business expense.




Dr. Ron Mueller’s **new 5th edition** book,”Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!“is now available in Printed format as well as a digital download!
(Formerly titled, “It’s How Much You KEEP That Counts! Not how much you Make.”)
Ron also Guarantees that this book will increase your REFUND by thousands
or he will buy the book back from you, in ANY condition, for a whole year!

Click this link to see the book that WILL save you thousands!

I am an affiliate of Rons because I purchase and find great value in his products.
By makng a purchase I will earn a small commission for sharing this great resource.


Walgreens Coupon $10.00 Off and Free Shipping Too

I’m all for saving money and getting fit too!

You can do both at Walgreens this week.

Hurry the coupon is only good thru Jan. 15th

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Walgreens $10.00 Off $30.00 Purchase Including Contacts



This is not an affiliate link I get paid nothing for telling you about this offer. 

You can save $10.00 off a $30.00 purchase including contacts. 

I need to order contacts for two family members and I will be checking out the prices to see if Walgreens will be the best deal.

The best way to use this offer is to purchase items that are already on sale.

The offer is good only for two days, so act fast!

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Marketing Smart Re-Purpose Articles, Videos, Audios, E-Books

 I’m sure many of you have heard

that it’s not how HARD you work

but how SMART you work.

One way to work smart is to re-purpose your content.  For instance when you make a video also type up the content and offer it as an article then save just the audio for yet another format.  When you have enough related content you can create an ebook,  CD or even a course on your topic.
I just found a program that will turn your articles into video in just a few minutes. Check out the video demo.  You can create a video in three minutes.  This program will also submit your video to 17 different video sites. 

It can’t get much easier then this.

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Article Video Robot: Turn your articles into video


College Costs Going Up Save Money On Text Books For Back To School


So this is the first year we have all three of our kids in college at the same time.  Our college phase started three years ago when our daughter started.  One story my husband and I both had fun sharing with her was how much money our text books cost back in the day and how we got nothing back when we resold them to the campus book store.  We soon found out that some things haden’t changed after all these years.

When one year later our oldest son went off to college we found out that his college that the best system I have ever heard of.  They issue the students all their books for FREE.  They are checked out like a library book for the entire semester.  Wow, what a great concept.  By the way the school is University of  Wisconsin Stevens Point.  After two years of getting a break on his books he transfered over to UW Milwaukee and we are back to paying outragous prices for books.  Child number 3 our newest college student is attending close to home and will still live here so his costs are the lowest untill it comes to books, external hard drive and software.

 So I went on line and did some research.  I found and we started looking up their books.  Looks like we will be able to save a lot of money over the campus book stores.

I just wanted to pass along this great savings info with other parents and college students out there.