1-18-09 A 3 Sunday Coupon Insert Day

Surprise, Surprise I wasn’t expecting 3 coupon inserts this week in the Sunday paper but there they were. Proctor and Gamble usually only comes out the first Sunday of the month but I got one labeled January 2009. I didn’t get over to the grocery store till after 2 and by then there were only 3 Milwaukee and 1 Madison papers left with all the coupon inserts.  Our local paper doesn’t have the good coupon inserts and never has P&G inserts.  So I was very happy to get at least 4 sets of inserts this week.

Looking inside the P&G insert I found something new to me.  P&G has and offer for $120.00 worth of coupons if you purchase $50.00 worth of P&G products and the offer started back on DEC 14th 2008 and goes till Jan 31st 2009. So start looking at your old receipts to see what you have already purchased that can be use for that deal. There’s a whole bunch of coupons in this weeks  P&G insert to help you save on what you stil need to purchase to get to 50.00.

Tomorow I’ll go over some great deals this week at Walgreens.

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