Walgreens May Easy Saver Catalog Information

Tweet  I told you that there are some changes in the May Easy Saver Catalog.  Here is the link to the online catalog if you don’t have yours yet. http://walgreens.hs.llnwd.net/e1/rebate/RebatePeriod106.pdf  Now flip to page 18. That’s the yellow page in the center of the book where you list your earnings.  This month they have listed […]

Saving With Walgreens Easy Saver Deals For April 2008

Tweet      I’m starting out this month for the first time shopping at Walgreens.  I have read how you can get some great deals there using their coupons and combining them with a manufacturer coupon and then a rebate from Walgreens Easy Saver catalog. So here is what I got this month. 4 Scott big rolls […]

When Is Earth Day 2008? Today April 22nd

TweetGo Green on Earth Day!                  No, I didn’t plan it but today I’m wearing green. In my in box this morning I found a Great Earth Day gift from David Bach, you know the author of all those Finish Rich books? I’ll tell you about that a little later. Saving the Earth is part of my total […]

Setting Up A New Hosted Blog

TweetWell, I thought this blog set up was too easy and I was right. After setting up a FREE Word Press Bog I was told by my teachers that I should sign up with a hosting company so after I do all the work to get my Free blog ranked high, I won’t lose all my […]

My First Assignment For Blog Class

TweetHey, I made it.  I have my own Blog! This is my homework assignment #1 from a class I’m taking online from Rosalind Gardner and Anik Singal.  This is one small step on my internet income journey that I plan to blog about right here.  My first posts will be “flashbacks” of things I have done […]