Walgreens Saving You More Money Deals 8-29-08

Tweet Hi, I just got back from Walgreens and I used the 10.00 of 40.00 purchase the coupon link is in the last post below. This was pretty complicated so planning is really important. First you need to remember that today August 29th and tomorrow BOTH Easy Saver rebate catalogs are good Aug and Sept. and […]

Walgreens $10.00 off $40.00 or more purchase… Aug 29 & 30

Tweet Click this link to get your coupon from the Walgreens site Pick up you Sept EasySaver catalog and start your savings now!

Walgreens September EasySaver Catalog Starts Today!

Tweet                                         The Sept EasySaver Catalog for Walgreens starts today.  Stop in and pick up one or two catalogs to have on hand all month long.  September has 9 Free items this month. Shop for the freebies early but make sure the price you pay is under or up to the amount they will pay […]

Want To Make Money Online? Suzanne Wells can HELP!

Tweet       Looking for a way to make some money? I have been clearing out my unused crafting supplies and selling them online.  That’s how I got started on eBay several years ago.  You may not have things around your house to sell but did you know you can find lots of treasures at resale shops […]

Elect Me For President

TweetGuess what I just found out.  Someone wants me to be the next President of the United States and it even made the news. View the film clip here. click on screen After the video you have the chance to choose who you want to run.  Have Fun!

Walgreens Money Saving Coupon Book By Mail

Tweet Just another good reason to shop at Walgreens.  In the mail yesterday Walgreens sent me two coupon books each worth over $45.00 for being a valued Walgreens customer. They said thank you and to pass one book onto a friend.  It’s filled with coupons for Kimberly-Clark’s products redeemable at Walgreens.  They covered it all from diapers […]

Brian Tracy Speaks on The 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Tweet I love learning and I’m always searching for more information. I just finished listening to Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. He gave out lots of great information and I took several pages of notes.  One of my favorites was secret number 7.  It really hit home with me. Success Secret #7 Of […]

Walgreens $5.00 Off $20.00 For two days only 22&23

Tweet  Walgreens has done it again.  They have another $5.00 Off $20.00 purchase coupon. Get yours here You will also get four other coupons for .39 cent pens, erasers, paper and markers.

Amazon.com… Mad Money’s Cramer says Buy, Buy, Buy I say Sell, Sell, Sell

Tweet I’ve been hearing a lot about Amazon.com lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been paying more attention since eBay has been making so many changes and my sales there are down. Last night I happened to watch Mad Money and Cramer opened with a little history of Amazon.com and said it was a good time to BUY […]

BookWise 2.0 Merger To iLearningGlobal.tv

TweetI have been with BookWise since last October and have really loved the product, the mentoring and the people I have meet.  Well, last week the company announced that they will be merging with a new company called ilearningglobal.tv.  While at first it made me very sad but after listening to Richard Paul Evans explain […]