Health Alerts… Kissing, Hand Shaking, Peanut Butter Recall And Food Safety

Tweet Health Alert!   Kissing is safer than shaking hands when it comes to spreading the common cold. So carry hand sanitizer and pucker up! Another Health Alert!   Do eat items that contain Peanut Butter.  They say the name brand  jar peanut butter is OK  but not products that contain peanut butter. Even some dog […]

Walgreens Deals 1-18 thru 1-24 Super Bowl Party Snacks

Tweet Ok here’s another great deal that will earn you more register rewards for your next shopping trip. Spend $20 get $10 or spend $15 and get $5 back I checked my coupon database and there are no other coupons for any of these products but it’s a GREAT deal on it’s own. So go […]

Walgreens deals for this week 1-18 thru 1-24

Tweet      Here are some great Walgreens Deals On page 10 of this weeks flyer Save with Register Rewards Remember that’s a coupon that the register prints out after your purchase to be used on your next purchase of a different type. buy 8 or more get $10 buy 6 get $6 buy 4 get […]

1-18-09 A 3 Sunday Coupon Insert Day

Tweet Surprise, Surprise I wasn’t expecting 3 coupon inserts this week in the Sunday paper but there they were. Proctor and Gamble usually only comes out the first Sunday of the month but I got one labeled January 2009. I didn’t get over to the grocery store till after 2 and by then there were only […]

Goodbye BigLots Local BigLots Closed It’s Doors

Tweet Store Closed The store closing sign was hung up before Christmas on our local Biglots Store in WI. It was a surprise to me since I didn’t hear anything about it closing.  My daughter and I went in after Christmas and by then the store was cleaned out down to two rows of shelves full […]

-40 Below Zero With Wind Chill Here In Wisconsin

Tweet No Signs Of Global Warming Here In Wisconsin Baby it’s cold outside so I’m glad I didn’t step foot outside the house today.  I’m the first to say I prefer Winter over Summer and I like snow and cold, but -40 with wind chill is too cold for even me.  They already closed all […]

New Crocs Think Snow Boots and Cold and Ice

TweetI Love My New Crocs OK, I confess I was one of “those people” that thought Crocs were funny looking and just for kids. I thought they were OK for kids with those little pins stuck in all the holes to decorate them but I never had plans to buy a pair. Well my thoughts changed when my […]

Oprah Offers Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan Book For Free

Tweet Great News A Free Gift from Oprah and Suze Today on the Oprah Show, Suze Orman announced that Oprah viewers can download her latest book for Free on But hurry it will only be up for a week. While you are there you can also sign up for a 3 hour live webinar […]

What Are You Missing?

Tweet A friend sent this to me in an email today and it got me thinking. A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the  violin; it was a cold January morning. He played six Bach pieces for  about 45 minutes. During that time, since it was rush hour, it […]

Todays Walgreens Deals 1-5-09

Tweet Just a quick update on my shopping trip today.   My daughter is still home from college so she came with and good thing too I was able to get two free bottles of Garnier Fructis.  When the clerk saw me with 6 bottles she came over and said the manager said only one per […]