Free Photo Email Business Card Online For Advertising

TweetThank You Marie for showing me this great freebie. Everyone can go to http://www.emailideas.comand create their very own photo email business card like the one below.  Whats really cool is that all the tabs when clicked on will take you to the webpages or an email page if you click on “my email”. It’s a […]

Earn Money Online From Home With Swagbucks

Tweet   I have been seeing this banner pop up a lot on different sites and decided to check it out.   Swag Bucks is a site where you can earn their form of money called Swagbucks in several different ways.  Then you can spend your swagbucks in their store on all kids of different products.   I […]

Update on Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen

Tweet Here’s an update on my Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen Post from Feb 6th A quick recap my husband said I shouldn’t go food shopping till we clear out what we already have. I agreed and thought it would be a great opportunity to save time, money and gas by Not […]

Walgreens One Day Only Free 20 4×6 Prints

Tweet One Day only 20 Free 4×6 prints   The time has come to get some of those pictures out of your camera and onto paper. Act fast because this is only good for one day. I love using Walgreen’s for my photo printing because I can submit an online order and have it delivered to a […]

Make Money Online With Rosalind Gardner’s Newly Updated Super Affiliate Handbook

Tweet    All I needed to Know about Affiliate Marketing I learned from Rosalind Gardner  Rosalind Gardner has taught me a lot of what I know about affiliate marketing.  I purchased her book a few years ago and keep it near by as a reference. Ros has just updated the book this month to keep […]

Twitter Power The Newest Book By Joel Comm

Tweet               Thank You For Being A Friend OK, my husband says you are not “real friends” unless I have met you in “real life.”  I disagree with him because there are a lot of people that I have met in “real life” that I would not like to call my friends. Just because someone […]

New Wireless Reading Device By Amazon The Kindle 2

Tweet  Did you hear the NEWS?     There’s a NEW Kindle in town it’s The Kindle 2 the next generation of wireless reading devices. Kindle was released about a year ago and it has far surpassed Amazons highest hopes.  I’m sure Oprah’s feature of the Kindle had something to do with it. The new Kindle 2 has […]

Ron Mueller’s Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy

Tweet   Talk about a great way to save money. How about saving the money you already earned by paying less taxes.   Most people have heard about all the great tax benifits home business owners can take to reduce their tax payments.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to read Rons […]

Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen

TweetSpring Cleaning, Food Rotation, Super Savings Plan    What you are looking at in the above pictures is my collection of Food.  Food that I have clipped coupons for, shopped sales for, brought home and stored. OK, I may have a problem passing up a good deal but by planning my purchases in this way I’m […]

For Sale 1/2 City Block Chicago, Illinois Commercial Investment Property

Tweet First a little background. The listing below is for the Stermer Funeral Home building and property that my grandfather Felix Stermer started 97 years ago, 63 in this location.  It has stayed in the family all these years.  My Uncle Howard recently passed away and it’s now in the hands of my cousin Phil.  My Grand […]