Amazon Lowers It’s Price On The Kindle and FREE Shipping too!

Amazon has just lowered the price of their Kindle by $40.00. The Kindle is a wireless reading device. You can read books, newspapers, blogs, emails and magazines all from this one small light weight electronic device.  Not only that you can purchase books using the same technology as a cell phone. Amazon now carries over 130,000 titles ready to download to your Kindle with more being added daily.

While this new technology will take some getting use to for us book lovers just imagine what it could do for students.  Have you ever tried to pick up your kids backpack stuffed with school books?  What a great thing if all their textbooks would be offered via the Kindle format. I’m sure they will be soon.  People that travel can now carry many books with them in this one gadget.  It also has many features a book doesn’t offer.

Amazon has a great new video showing how it works and all the features.  Click the blue word Kindle under the picture above to get there. Scroll down till you see Watch a Video Demonstration of Kindle, it’s amazing!

If you check out this page on eBay you will find not only NEW Kindles for sale but a large assortment of accessories for your Kindle.  Accessories like: Screen protectors, book lights, silicone skins, carrying sleeves, car and wall adaptors, thousands of pre loaded books on cd’s, dvd’s and sd cards. Visit my Kindle Store for all your Kindle needs.

Here’s the book I’m reading right now and it’s offered in the Kindle format and it’s cheaper.

 I have just found a great write up on the Kindle by one of its testers. Hear first hand from someone that uses the Kindle and has made recomendations on improvements.

Since eBay has stopped the selling of digital downloaded products the New Amazon Kindle will open a totally New market for the ebook sellers offering that instant gratification so many of us love. Amazons Kindle will be on my Christmas list this year for sure! Visit my Kindle Store

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