… Mad Money’s Cramer says Buy, Buy, Buy I say Sell, Sell, Sell

I’ve been hearing a lot about lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been paying more attention since eBay has been making so many changes and my sales there are down.

Last night I happened to watch Mad Money and Cramer opened with a little history of and said it was a good time to BUY BUY BUY the stock.  He mentioned the changes at eBay and that Amazon’s Christmas sales last year were higher than eBay’s.

He also brought up the Kindle, Amazon’s electronic reading device. Downloads for Kindle format books are rising steadily. It’s a great new device that can download your book purchase anywhere using cell phone technology. Talk about instant gratification. Cramer thinks it will have sales like the ipod and iphone.

I’m in the learning and set up stages of selling books on Amazon.  It’s one of my Fall goals once the kids are back in school. I recently read Selling On The River  By Steve Lindhorst and learned a lot there about how to start selling on Amazon.

With today’s economy and the ever changing rules on eBay, starting new streams of income is a good move. It looks like Amazon is a great place to sell and not just for books and movies, you can find just about everything there, new and used.  That’s why I say Sell, Sell, Sell your stuff on Amazon.

Look Out eBay I think Amazon’s current is stronger.

I’ll keep you posted on my Amazon adventures this Fall.

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