Barnes & Noble Coupons Free Cookies & More

            Being a Member has it’s Benefits

                    Free Cookie and More!

Oh wait that’s the motto of another company.  In our family, books are our #1 entertainment expense.  We go on vacation and a Barnes and Noble in any state is a sought after sight seeing stop. Forget the cheap souvoniers, we bring back books.  We know we could get them anywhere but they also fill our rest and relaxation time while traveling.

We have been a card holding member of Barnes & Noble for as long as I can remember.  I know it pays off for our family.  This time of year they offer a bunch of great deals just for card holding members. If you forgot your card or the husband has it in his wallet you can also just give your phone number if you’re really a member and still get the discount.

This weeks coupons are mostly for children’s books and games.  So, shop for the kids but you keep the cookie.  Here’s the link to the page of coupons.  Remember you have to be a member to use these coupons so sign up today.

FYI for even more savings you can also get your member discount when ordering online but remember to enter the site from your BigCrumbs or EBates site and you will get cash back for your purchase. Right now the best deal is at EBates they are offering 8% cash back, that’s Double Cash Back and several coupon specials.  It pays to compare.

Happy Holiday Shopping To All

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