Big Crumbs Mean Big Savings When You Shop Online Even eBay

The other day I told you about BigCrumbs. Today I did a video showing you the site and telling you about why you should always shop thru their site. It’s totally FREE and you can save on every online store you shop at even eBay. If you have an eBay store you can get free advertising and offer your customers a discount that won’t cost you a anything.

I saved $9.00 in the first few minutes. I’ll be ordering contacts tonight for my son and I. I have been comparing the prices in several stores to get the best deal. It’s so easy to find the best deals from the comfort of my home and they will be delivered right to my door. I’ll be saving a lot compared to what the doctors office was going to charge and they said their wholeseller was having a hard time getting stock.

You can save time, money and gas and it’s FREE so why wouldn’t you sign up. It only takes a few minutes. Will you be a Crumb Saver or a Crumb Earner?


Fill in NatalieJo as your referrer and Your In! I’ll be taking very good care of my group!

Hope you enjoy the video.

PS I forgot you need one other thing to sign up with Big Crumbs and you might already have it. You will need a PayPal account so they have some place to send your money to. Guess What? A PayPal account is Free too! You will need one to shop online at a lot of stores. It’s the safest way to buy online because the merchant never sees your charge card info and you don’t need to enter it for a purchase. You just enter your email and log into Paypal and they have your info stored.


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