Black Friday Deals At Home

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Our family did and we all made it back home safely.  While I know some of you super bargin hunters got up very early to head on out to all the Black Friday sales before the sun came up.  I decided to try it another way.

I did once in the past head on over to BestBuy when the doors opened and fought the crowds and stood for hours to check out only to find many of the things I bought had to be returned because my husband also bought the same items.

This year I asked one of my sons if there was anything in the Black Friday flyer he wanted and he circled a few items.  In the afternoon when I had a few moments I sat down at my computer and logged into my account at EBates. It’s so easy to shop from there.  They have speacial deals listed like Free Shipping or other discounts.  I linked right to the site from there so I’ll be getting 1% cash back from my purchase.  I placed my order and got the same prices advertised in the flyer.  I could have gone to the store and picked up my items but I didn’t want to fight the crowds so I chose to have them shipped to the house.  For 20.00 shipping I felt it was well worth it. 

Did you read that right?  I got the Black Friday sales prices online from my computer in the middle of the day.  Who in their right mind would want to get up early in the freezing cold and stand in line?  Not me!

Next I went to the Barnes and Noble site also thru the EBates site. They were offering double the cash back so 8% on my purchase.  I also had a coupon for 40% off one book if I used a MasterCard to pay so I did and I got FREE shipping too.  In just two stores and a few hours of comparing prices and items I was able to finish almost all my Christmas shopping online.

I’m sure Ill run out for a few more things here and there but I’m very happy with my easy shopping plan and the great deals I got.

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