BookWise 2.0 Merger To

I have been with BookWise since last October and have really loved the product, the mentoring and the people I have meet.  Well, last week the company announced that they will be merging with a new company called 

While at first it made me very sad but after listening to Richard Paul Evans explain it all “what could have been a train wreck has turned into a luxury cruise” thanks Bill Arnold for that one. This new company is in the pre-launch stage.  It was started by Brian Tracy. They have no product to ship it’s all on your computer 24/7.  They have new technology where everyone can view high def videos on their computer along with audios and ebooks with subjects on business to personal development.

You can go visit the main site now and view samples of the videos, audios and an ebook. The company goes live in Jan 2009.   Talk about getting in at the start. I switched over last week and am ready to go.

As a BookWise member I am able to sign up new ilearningglobal customers for Free till Sunday Aug. 24th.

Go take a look and if you would like to join me in a large team as a business builder or be just a customer email me at

PS view the Sandy Botkin videos  This guy is great! Learn how to save on your taxes.   Don’t miss the second one. Great info.

Happy learning everyone.  Natalie

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