BookWise 2.0 Update

My BookWise site has been down for a few days while the company makes all it’s changes to BookWise 2.0.  Starting on June 1st things should be up and running again.  We are being given bits of information here and there and I have been adding what I find out on another blog page named BookWise 2.0, it’s over to the left under pages.

Here are a few of the facts I have learned so far.

BookWise 2.0 will be a World Leader in Life Enhancing Mentoring. They will be based on an Affiliate Marketing Program with two levels to join at an Affiliate and Business Builder Affiliate.

The company will offer mentoring teleclasses and book studies along with webcasts, seminars and conventions to enhance all facets of your your life.

Each affiliate will get an exclusive leather bound, gold trimmed, legacy library book each month to build their own home library.

From now on all profits from book sales on our site will go directly to support Children’s Literacy Programs around the world.

If you love books, knowledge and learning and have an interest in being mentored by some of the best teachers out there, BookWise 2.0 should be a company you get involved with.  If you are already successful in a business and have a large group you work with, BookWise could help you in mentoring them.

Well that’s it for now.  Remember to check my other page and and BoowWise blog posts.  By Monday June 2nd I should have more news.


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