Brian Tracy Speaks on The 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

 I love learning and I’m always searching for more information. I just finished listening to Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. He gave out lots of great information and I took several pages of notes. 

One of my favorites was secret number 7.  It really hit home with me. Success Secret #7 Of Self-Made Millionaires is… Dedicate yourself to life long learning. He compares the mind to a muscle.  It will only develop by use. By working the mind it will work better. Great leaders are great learners. Continuous Learning is the key to the 21st century.

He suggests that you

1. Read 30-60 minutes each day. Read things that can help you improve at work.  Since the average adult reads less than   1 book a year, reading only 30-60 minutes a day can give you an incredible edge on your competition.  

2. Listen to audio’s in your car while you’re driving.  Turn your car into a learning machine, a university on wheels.

3. Take every course and seminar that will help you be better at your job.

I have been doing these things most of my life. Brian knows how busy we all are and has really made it easy for us.  He has just started a new company where he brings the best of the best together to record their lessons on videos, audio’s and in ebooks.  They are all placed on the Internet with access 24/7 for a small monthly fee.

That’s where I heard Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires this afternoon while relaxing on the couch. I also enjoy listening while I exercise and in the car. The videos I watch when I take a break from working.

The company is It’s still in pre-launch.  Since BookWise has merged with them I can sign up new customers and business builders today Aug 24th for FREE. Otherwise it would be just 30.00.

Go take a look at the site and watch a few videos and listen to an audio and learn something.  If you love it and want to be a part of something big email me

Decide today to be a life long learner. You will be amazed at the change it will make at home and at work.


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