New Wireless Reading Device By Amazon The Kindle 2

Tweet  Did you hear the NEWS?     There’s a NEW Kindle in town it’s The Kindle 2 the next generation of wireless reading devices. Kindle was released about a year ago and it has far surpassed Amazons highest hopes.  I’m sure Oprah’s feature of the Kindle had something to do with it. The new Kindle 2 has […]

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Tweet If you read yesterdays post I told you about Adgitize, a new traffic producing program that’s Free to use and it pays you each month for your efforts.   Well, I spent a little time yesterday and today surfing around the network clicking on blogs and ads and I found out that while I’m working […]

Earn Money Online And Get Free Traffic With Adgitize On Your Blog

Tweet So I’m giving something new a try.  I’ll be reporting my monthly earnings so you can see how well I do.  I have seen this advertising on several blogs now so I decided to check it out.  Adgitize offers programs for affiliates, advertisers and publishers.  There are several ways to earn money like blog […]

99 Balloons For Eliot on

Tweet Hey everyone out there did you know there is a ? Who knew God had his own video site. Well I just found it and saw something I wanted to share with you all. Moms and Dads out there this is a tear jerker but I thought it was well worth watching.  It’s not only […]

My First Camtasia Video How To Shop For Coupons

Tweet The video tells you some TOP SECRET sites where you will find out what coupon inserts are located in which papers all across the US.  I found a site that lists for all of 2008 what coupon inserts will be offered each week. Another site tells you every coupon that came out that week […]