Brian Tracy Speaks on The 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Tweet I love learning and I’m always searching for more information. I just finished listening to Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. He gave out lots of great information and I took several pages of notes.  One of my favorites was secret number 7.  It really hit home with me. Success Secret #7 Of […]

BookWise 2.0 Merger To

TweetI have been with BookWise since last October and have really loved the product, the mentoring and the people I have meet.  Well, last week the company announced that they will be merging with a new company called  While at first it made me very sad but after listening to Richard Paul Evans explain […]

Worth Repeating…. Winning In The Margins

TweetA few weeks ago I posted about the Winning In The Margins Video.  Richard Paul Evans just told me that he has updated it again. It’s now in it’s final format and ready for viewing. Rick has started a totally new concept in mentoring and turned it into a business. No, it’s not a MLM, […]

My First Camtasia Video How To Shop For Coupons

Tweet The video tells you some TOP SECRET sites where you will find out what coupon inserts are located in which papers all across the US.  I found a site that lists for all of 2008 what coupon inserts will be offered each week. Another site tells you every coupon that came out that week […]

BookWise 2.0 It’s Better Then Ever!

Tweet My New BookWise site is up and ready to serve you. You can find it at  Richard Paul Evans and Robert G. Allen were on the webcast tonight to give us the overview of the New BookWise 2.0. BookWise is the Finest Success Mentoring and Most Intelligent Home Based Business In The World. It’s now based […]

The New BookWise 2.0 Winning In The Margins

Tweet Today is the Big day.  BookWise 2.0 is being put into action.  I have put a lot of the new details about the New BookWise 2.0 affiliate business on a blog page to the left.  There is no better person to tell you about the business than Richard Paul Evans himself.  Just go to […]

BookWise 2.0 Update

TweetMy BookWise site has been down for a few days while the company makes all it’s changes to BookWise 2.0.  Starting on June 1st things should be up and running again.  We are being given bits of information here and there and I have been adding what I find out on another blog page named […]

The One Minute Millionaire Mentoring

Tweet                      Some of you may know that I love books and I love learning new things.  That’s why I joined BookWise last year.  May’s BookWise Book was The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. All month long these two authors are teaching their book to a group of us. This […]

Happy Spring! Free Gifts For You ALL

Tweet  Well, it’s finally looking a lot like Spring here in North Central Wisconsin.  The Buds are stating to pop and the snow is almost gone on Rib Mountain. We are getting our April Showers so the grass will green up quickly now.  In my “about” page I told you a little about BookWise.  Books […]