Super Deal Personal Development Success Library Review

TweetI love books, I love learning and I believe that in order to be more successful in life we need to learn lessons from great mentors that live successful lives. One of my favorite mentors is the late Jim Rohn. I in turn share lessons I learn with others to pay it forward. This is the best […]

Welcome July-Where Did The Year Go

Tweet Welcome July Wow!  Half the year is over already and I still have so much I want to do. It seems like only yesterday I was messing with all the tax papers to send to the accountant.  Looking back I thought I would have made more progress than I have.  When my friend cross country […]

Zero to $100 Million Dollar Challenge My 1st Homework Assignment Video

Tweet Here’s my first assignment for the challenge.  I never seem to have any trouble speaking untill I’m infront of a camera. The winner for the video challenge will get a 42 inch tv from Russell.  Make sure you watch till to the very end to see why I want that tv.  Anyone interested in […]

Russell Brunson Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge.. Stimulate The Economy

Tweet I’m always on the lookout for Great Deals and here is a Super one if you are interested in learning how to make money online.  Russell Brunson sent me an email about this challenge he is offering, the winner will win a corvette and there are a bunch of other prizes along the way.  Since […]

iLearningGlobal Invitation to View Continuous Learning

TweetDo you love learning and improving yourself? Do you believe that learning is a life long journey? Do you have a team that needs motivation and guidance? Could you use help with your business, relationships, and finances?  Do you know the experts like; Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Sandy Botkin, Kevin Carroll, Jim Britt, Omar Periu […]

Brian Tracy Speaks on The 21 Success Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires

Tweet I love learning and I’m always searching for more information. I just finished listening to Brian Tracy’s 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. He gave out lots of great information and I took several pages of notes.  One of my favorites was secret number 7.  It really hit home with me. Success Secret #7 Of […]

Worth Repeating…. Winning In The Margins

TweetA few weeks ago I posted about the Winning In The Margins Video.  Richard Paul Evans just told me that he has updated it again. It’s now in it’s final format and ready for viewing. Rick has started a totally new concept in mentoring and turned it into a business. No, it’s not a MLM, […]

My First Camtasia Video How To Shop For Coupons

Tweet The video tells you some TOP SECRET sites where you will find out what coupon inserts are located in which papers all across the US.  I found a site that lists for all of 2008 what coupon inserts will be offered each week. Another site tells you every coupon that came out that week […]

The New BookWise 2.0 Winning In The Margins

Tweet Today is the Big day.  BookWise 2.0 is being put into action.  I have put a lot of the new details about the New BookWise 2.0 affiliate business on a blog page to the left.  There is no better person to tell you about the business than Richard Paul Evans himself.  Just go to […]

The One Minute Millionaire Mentoring

Tweet                      Some of you may know that I love books and I love learning new things.  That’s why I joined BookWise last year.  May’s BookWise Book was The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. All month long these two authors are teaching their book to a group of us. This […]