Marketing Smart Re-Purpose Articles, Videos, Audios, E-Books

Tweet  I’m sure many of you have heard that it’s not how HARD you work but how SMART you work. One way to work smart is to re-purpose your content.  For instance when you make a video also type up the content and offer it as an article then save just the audio for yet another format.  When you […]

Farewell To Walter Cronkite

TweetA great voice in History was laid to rest this week,  Walter Cronkite at age 92.  While I do remember him from the nightly news my latest memories were from a movie the kids would watch over and over when they were younger.  I had to go look it up online to figure out what […]

Roller Babies – Evian Commercial – ‘Rapper’s Delight’

Tweet  I saw this on a news report the other day and then again in an email so just incase you missed it here it is again. The Roller Babies Evian Water Commercial

Happy Independence Day July 4th GoDaddy Video

Tweet Happy Independence Day from! The is the BEST Independence Day video I have seen this year, enjoy!

To All The Moms Of 2009 Graduates The Mom Song

Tweet   Sunday was the High School graduation for our youngest child Eric.  We are so proud of him!  I feel that my life has moved on to another stage now.  The Mom song perfectly imitates my life for the past 21 years.  Now I feel like most of that is all in the past.  I […]

~ Happy Easter ~ Easter Gospel Sing Alleluia

TweetWishing you and your Family a Happy Easter 

Amazon Video On Demand And The Roku Digital Player

Tweet   Now, for the first time the $99 Roku Player can be purchased through The Roku player is one of the most compelling new ways for customers to instantly watch their favorite movies and TV shows, and at $99 is also one of the most affordable. The Roku player works with virtually any […]

Secret Sources To Save Money Shopping Using Coupons

Tweet If you’re looking for some FREE sources to help you save money using coupons this year I have put together this post to get to started off right. This was my first video I posted last year. On it I tell my tricks and sources for using coupons the smart way. Below are the new […]

WI. Won The Grand Prize $25,000 Grant To Help The Animals

Tweet  The Grand Prize – a $25,000 grant to help animals – goes to the South Wood County Humane Society, of Wisconsin Rapids, WI. I only heard about this a few days ago when I posted it on my blog December 11th.  I did go each day and cast my vote and I hope some […]

The Price Is Right 19 Year Olds Birthday Winnings

Tweet Since I post about great deals and big savings I thought this might be interesting to some of you.  It’s proof that dreams can come true and some people are just plain LUCKY! It was this guys 19th birthday and it won it all.  What a great feeling I got seeing him win over […]