Free Photo Email Business Card Online For Advertising

TweetThank You Marie for showing me this great freebie. Everyone can go to http://www.emailideas.comand create their very own photo email business card like the one below.  Whats really cool is that all the tabs when clicked on will take you to the webpages or an email page if you click on “my email”. It’s a […]

New Wireless Reading Device By Amazon The Kindle 2

Tweet  Did you hear the NEWS?     There’s a NEW Kindle in town it’s The Kindle 2 the next generation of wireless reading devices. Kindle was released about a year ago and it has far surpassed Amazons highest hopes.  I’m sure Oprah’s feature of the Kindle had something to do with it. The new Kindle 2 has […]

Ron Mueller’s Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy

Tweet   Talk about a great way to save money. How about saving the money you already earned by paying less taxes.   Most people have heard about all the great tax benifits home business owners can take to reduce their tax payments.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to read Rons […]

Health Alerts… Kissing, Hand Shaking, Peanut Butter Recall And Food Safety

Tweet Health Alert!   Kissing is safer than shaking hands when it comes to spreading the common cold. So carry hand sanitizer and pucker up! Another Health Alert!   Do eat items that contain Peanut Butter.  They say the name brand  jar peanut butter is OK  but not products that contain peanut butter. Even some dog […]

Goodbye BigLots Local BigLots Closed It’s Doors

Tweet Store Closed The store closing sign was hung up before Christmas on our local Biglots Store in WI. It was a surprise to me since I didn’t hear anything about it closing.  My daughter and I went in after Christmas and by then the store was cleaned out down to two rows of shelves full […]

Smallest HD digital mini camcorder The New Flip Mino HD

Tweet Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black) Did you hear the news?  The New Flip MinoHD can record in HD.  It’s the world’s smallest mini digital HD camcorder. It’s high quality recordings produce a vibrant HD 720p (1280 x 720, 16:9 widescreen) video that can be enjoyed on any HDTV. With 4 GB of […]

The Signal That Somethings Wrong Car Repair

TweetSo I learned a lesson the other day that could Save Your Life or prevent you from getting a ticket. It’s a Warning Signal that Everyone should learn to recognize. I did a short video that shows you how you can make this very important $2.00 car repair in only a few minutes. Watch carefully it […]