Christmas At The In-Laws 2008

This past weekend was spent with my husbands family celebrating Christmas at his parents home near Chicago. Friday we packed up the van and my husband, son and I headed south.  First stop was UW Stevens Point to pick up our older son then on to WI Lutheran College in Milwaukee to pick up our daughter. 

The drive between Milwaukee to Chicago was dotted with areas of stop and go and one car in front of us lost his spare tire, but we made it safely.  Saturday afternoon the rest of the families started to show up, 16 members in all. Jim’s parent put out a feast fit for Kings and Queens.

This year instead of my hugh roasting pan of lasagna I tried a crock pot lasagna that turned out well.  I also do a breakfast and I found a crock pot egg dish that cooks all night and was ready when we all got up, that too went over well.   I will give the recipes in the next couple of days.

The kids are all High School age and above so now they each draw a cousins name, make contact with them to get a list of shopping ideas.  They do the shopping and it saves us parents a lot of extra work. We don’t buy for the adults but we do all buy for the parents (Grandma and Grandpa).

We started the tradition for Jim’s parents of  using the same very large wicker basket and filling it with practical items like; vitamins, hand lotion, soup mixes, dip mixes, candies and nuts etc. And then we usually come up with one or two large gifts.  Then we take the basket back for the next year.

This year the basket got filled once again and I came up with the idea of a digital photo frame and Jim thought of a web-cam for his Dad.  He had to buy one for our house too. I had the other two families bring photos on a flash drive to upload to the frame we were able to view all those plus what Grandma took all weekend on her camera.  When we got home Jim called his father to see if they could talk over the web-cams but they couldn’t get them working right. Guess one of the kids will have to get them up and running.

Some of the kids gifts that were fun were 40 individually wrapped golf balls.   Each was different so it was fun to read each ball. 10 different photo frames from a dollar store. Both inexpensive gifts.

My next posts will be the crock pot recipes I served this year at the in-laws.

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