College Costs Going Up Save Money On Text Books For Back To School


So this is the first year we have all three of our kids in college at the same time.  Our college phase started three years ago when our daughter started.  One story my husband and I both had fun sharing with her was how much money our text books cost back in the day and how we got nothing back when we resold them to the campus book store.  We soon found out that some things haden’t changed after all these years.

When one year later our oldest son went off to college we found out that his college that the best system I have ever heard of.  They issue the students all their books for FREE.  They are checked out like a library book for the entire semester.  Wow, what a great concept.  By the way the school is University of  Wisconsin Stevens Point.  After two years of getting a break on his books he transfered over to UW Milwaukee and we are back to paying outragous prices for books.  Child number 3 our newest college student is attending close to home and will still live here so his costs are the lowest untill it comes to books, external hard drive and software.

 So I went on line and did some research.  I found and we started looking up their books.  Looks like we will be able to save a lot of money over the campus book stores.

I just wanted to pass along this great savings info with other parents and college students out there.


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