Cyber Monday Is December 1st

Cyber Monday 

So Cyber Monday is the busiest online Christmas shopping day and it’s December 1st.  Many of you will be heading back to work after a long holiday weekend on Cyber Monday.  So, will you be online shopping from work?  Don’t think the bosses would be happy with that.  Good thing I’m a WAHM and don’t have a boss to answer to.

I got a head start with my online shopping on Black Friday.  I was able to get the great advertised prices by shopping online from home. I don’t know why anyone would want to stand in long lines and fight the crowds. 

Check your email.  I already got several ads for cyber Monday from stores like BestBuy, GameStop, Walgreens and Shopko.  If you’re not on their mailing lists you may need to go to the site to see the deals. Some may be in your Sunday paper.

Before you shop, sign up for a free shopping discount service like Big Crumbs or EBates they will list great deals and give you cash back for shopping thru their site and it’s FREE.

I wish you all a shopping season of great savings.

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