Ebay Interview Video With Work From Home Mom, Laurie DeAgostino


First shot of our vacation Ephraim Harbor, Door County, WI. 7-12-08

I’ve been gone for a few weeks. I went on vacation and so did my laptop. It was in the shop for a few weeks getting the screen fixed. I just got it back today and it’s good to be up and running again. I just got to view my 600 photos I took on vacation mostly of sunsets. Above is the first shot I took. We made it to the harbor just in time to see the sunset over the water.

On one of the eBay groups I belong to one of the gals, Laurie got interviewed by eBay about her eBay business and store. Laurie said it would be fine to share the interview video on my blog so here it is. Laurie is doing a great job handling the duties of marriage, motherhood and business owner. Learn how she is earning a living from home.

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