Happy Mother’s Day Moms

Cheers for a night of NOT cooking!

I wish all the Mother’s out there a work FREE meal today too! My husband and son will be taking me out for dinner tonight. The other two kids both away at college called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day too. Then my husband and I each called our Mothers, both out of state, to wish them a happy day too. The day started out very windy, cool and wet but later the sun came out and it was beautiful.

My Sunday trip to the grocery store after church had me deciding which Sunday papers to buy and how many of each.  I ended up with 6 Milwaukee and 1 Wausau. After looking at the amount of coupons in the Milwaukee paper it’s hard to settle for ours.  The picture above shows all the great coupons they had. I’m still working on stocking my shelves with great deals. Until you build up a stash of coupons it’s hard to pull off the super deals. For now it seems that I have been concentrating on non-food items from Walgreen’s.  Once I build up enough food coupons I’ll be getting great deals at the grocery store too.  I have been shopping the food deals in the flyers.  Planning our meals around what’ meat is on sale and stocking up and freezing the good deals.

My dreams of great deals in this week Walgreen’s flyer didn’t materialize.  I only found a few items that I’ll be shopping for.  Good thing I have till the 21st to spend my register rewards.  Maybe the next flyer will be better for me.

I’ll keep today short since it’s my day to rest and relax and not cook!  Happy Mothers Day to all the great Mothers out there.  Natalie

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