Happy Winter Solstice The First Day Of Winter


Happy 1st. Day Of Winter

Well it has looked like winter for a long time now up here in North Central Wisconsin.  No, I’m not complaining, I love winter and snow.  That’s one of the reasons we moved further north 7 years ago.  In the winter I feel happy and alive. 

The summer heat really gets to me and I feel tired and nauseous, we don’t have air conditioning.  I might have SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) in reverse. OK I just looked t up and it can sometimes be in reverse.

So what does Winter Solstice mean? It means the nights will be shorter and each day will be longer.  There will be more and more daylight.  I’m all for more daylight.  We live in the woods and our house is pretty dark inside already so more daylight means less electricity used on lighting. That will be a savings.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy Winter!

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