I Squidoo Do You?

So in my quest to earn multi streams of income I’m finally giving Squidoo a try. I first heard about Squidoo from a call I was on where they were interviewing bestselling author Seth Godin the founder of Squidoo, about three years ago. It all sounded very interesting and I filed away the knowledge and moved onto something else.

Squidoo is free to join and create “lenses” or pages. It’s a place you can share what you know on just about any subject. You can share your favorite people, places or things. If you use affiliate links and a product is purchased from you lens you will earn 50% of the commission, Squidoo gets the other half. You can also earn when friends sign up from your link and when they earn $15.00 Squidoo will pay you $5.00. You can also sell your own products and earn that way too. Then you can sell any lens you make to the highest bidder. It’s so easy even kids can do it.

I created my first lens Cool Accessories For Mini Digital Camcorders Like The Flip Mino I just got my Flip Mino and I wanted to see what accessories were out there so I compiled all the info into my first lens. I came across a week long mini course that walked me through the entire process from Jackie AKA Momtohanna .

Squidoo is also a community of great people willing to help.  If you need to know something you can find the help on Squidoo.  Please take a look at my first lens  and let me know what you think.  I’ll keep you up to date on how my Squidoo is doing.

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