It’s a 3 Three Coupon Insert Sunday!


The first Sunday of the month Procter and Gamble has their coupon insert and Smart Source and RedPlum.  It’s a BIG day! Last month I found out that The Wausau Sunday paper doesn’t have the Procter and Gamble coupons at all.  Boy was I mad after I bought 10 papers form Walmart.  ***SAVINGS ALERT***I save buying them there because they only charge .99 cents each not the usual 1.50.  After doing a search I found a forum that lists each state and what inserts each paper carries.  Here’s the link a great resource.  Now here the link that tells what inserts will be in each weeks paper for 2008.

After much research I found that my local Pick N Save grocery store carry’s the Sunday Milwaukee paper for 2.00 each. So today I stopped by after church and picked up 6 copies of the Milwaukee paper and one of the Wausau papers because I wanted to compare the inserts and I still needed my local paper for the sales flyers.

Wow I didn’t really know what I was missing till now. Here’s a quick count on the coupons in each paper.

                                   Wausau Paper                        Milwaukee Paper

Red Plum                     21 coupons                               40 coupons       

Smart Source              16 coupons                                57 coupons

Procter & Gamble         0 coupons                               62 coupons

See what I mean?  Now that I know what’s in each paper I can better decide when to pay more and get the Milwaukee issue.  There are several sites that post the sunday coupon list on Saturday afternoon so I can decide then.   On holidays they don’t have any coupon inserts.

For the past few days I have been spending time looking for profitable paying survey sites.  I tried this once before with no luck but I’m ready to try it again. So far things look much better  Till next time… A penny saved is a penny earned!        

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