Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference In MN Sept. 11-13 Free Tickets

I’m so excited I just signed up for the Midwest Super Conference to be held Sept 11-13 in MN.  It’s right across the street from Mall Of America.   I think I’ll have to hit the mall a time or two if I have the energy.

They had a great hotel room rate too.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE this year to attend.  You pay a $97.00 deposit and on the first day at registration they give you $100.00 so that’s better than FREE you make $3.00.  If you don’t show up you don’t get the $100.00 but let me tell you the bonuses you get right after you pay your deposit are worth much more than $100.00 so you still don’t lose.

I can’t tell you how great of an opportunity it is to get to meet, in person, all these Big Internet Masters. I know you thought I was going to say Guru’s. This is your chance to network with like minded people and maybe even create some JV partnerships or products.

The kids are all going Back To School and so will I at the  Midwest Super Conference

If you can’t come I’ll miss you but keep checking this site to hear an update of how it all went.

To find out all the details visit

Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference 2009 

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