Kill Two Birds With One Stone

If you read yesterdays post I told you about Adgitize, a new traffic producing program that’s Free to use and it pays you each month for your efforts.   Well, I spent a little time yesterday and today surfing around the network clicking on blogs and ads and I found out that while I’m working on my Adgitize earnings I also found many blogs that also have Entrecard links that I’m also a member of so I click them too. You can see what and Entrecard ad looks like over to the right on my side bar.

So my time surfing is taking care of two programs at once, saving me time and earning me money, more traffic and ad points to use on Entrecard. I have also found some great informative blogs that I look forward to reading each day and some new Twitter friends with common interests to keep in contact with.

So far I’m happy with the new program. 

I would love to hear comments from my Adgitize network surfers on how they are doing with the program.

Happy surfing!

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