Meet The New Kindle DX From Amazon

So there’s a new Kindle in the family and it’s the big daddy, Kindle DX. 

As you can see above the screen is much larger so that means less page turning. The DX screen is 9.7″ diagonal E Ink and can also be view in landscape mode.   It holds 3,500 books and also holds pdf’s.  The battery life is 4 days with wireless on and two weeks with wireless off. 

While I know the cost of this new gadget,  at almost $500.00 is expensive and not for everyone.  It can save you money if you purchase a lot of reading material.  It will also save you a lot of shelf space.  Kindle versions of books and newspaper do cost less than their paper copies, not to mention all the trees you’ll be saving.

I think that all college text books should be offered in Kindle format.  A college student could be ahead the very first semester cost-wise and just think how light their backpacks would be.

Visit the Kindle Family on Amazon to read all the details and see if this will be your new reader of choice.




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