My First Assignment For Blog Class

Hey, I made it.  I have my own Blog! This is my homework assignment #1 from a class I’m taking online from Rosalind Gardner and Anik Singal.  This is one small step on my internet income journey that I plan to blog about right here.  My first posts will be “flashbacks” of things I have done in the past to earn an income both online and off.

Being a right brain thinker I have trouble sticking to one project for too long and have done so many different “jobs” over the years. Most were done as ways to support my interests while adding to our households income. Some worked better than others. Some were income producing and others were income savings.

I’m a married mother of three, born and raised in the Midwest. I love reading, learning and trying new things.  Once an avid crafter I have now turned my creative energies into “crafting ” an income on the internet.

**INCOME** eBay became a good outlet to sell off many of my craft and sewing supplies and materials. I started with auctions in May of 07 and opened my store last November, NataliesPlaceOneTheBay.

Till next time.  Looking forward to assignment #2.  Thanks,  Rosalind Gardner and Anik Singal

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