My First Camtasia Video How To Shop For Coupons

The video tells you some TOP SECRET sites where you will find out what coupon inserts are located in which papers all across the US.  I found a site that lists for all of 2008 what coupon inserts will be offered each week. Another site tells you every coupon that came out that week and all it’s info. Then I found the coupon data base that will locate every coupon that’s out for any product you type in. I saved the best for last as a bonus for reading this blog I have added another link to my friend Daniels Power Shopping System site, you won’t believe the Secret shopping  system he has come up with.

I know the screen shots make it hard to see the url’s of the site so I have made easy links here for you to click on.

Sunday Paper inserts listing for each state are found here

The list of which insert will be in each-week for 2008 is found here

Listing of each coupon found in each insert each week is found here

The coupon data base to find any coupon is here

The link to my friend Daniels Power Shopping System is here

June 14th afternoon

Well the rest of the family headed to Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Brewers game so I have been home alone all day.  Traveling to Milwaukee took some time this morning checking what roads were open.  I planned a route throughout Oshkosh since to of the interstates are still closed due to flooding.  They made it safe and sound.

With no one home I thought it would be the perfect time to try some of the things I have on my To DO List like, make a video and learn to use Camtasia.  I started with the camcorder since I knew how to use it already.  After charging the batteries and finding some blank tape I got to work.  That went well until It came time to upload it to my computer.  The cord I bought years ago and never used is a IEEE 1394.  The tiny end fits into the camcorder but I haven’t found anything in the house that the other end fits into.  The cord said it was to transfer video to the computer.  We have 4 computers in this house and none have a hole like that.  Best Buy .com parts has one and the shipping was more than the cable.  None of the stores near by have one so I will wait.

I went and lifted the mic. from my sons room and got to work on camtasia.  After several false starts and one complete recording with no sound I got it right.   Then I had to sign up on Youtube and learn how to do that too.  I got it uploaded and am waiting for it to show up.

June 15th morning I woke up Sunday Father’s Day and found my husband and boys all home sleeping.  Turns out Milwaukee was housing 15,000 Minnesota fans in all the hotels and they had to drive all the way back home.  I just checked and my video still didn’t show up because it’s in the wrong format so I keep working with it.  I’m taking notes so I can do it right without any problems next time.

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