New Crocs Think Snow Boots and Cold and Ice

I Love My New Crocs

OK, I confess I was one of “those people” that thought Crocs were funny looking and just for kids. I thought they were OK for kids with those little pins stuck in all the holes to decorate them but I never had plans to buy a pair.

Well my thoughts changed when my sister in la had a pair on vacation and said they were so light weight and comfortable for walking. She let me try it on and I thought it felt nice but still looked dumb. They reminded my of Mickey Mouse shoes.

Time passed and I needed a pair of  sandals to wear round the house.  I happened to stop at an outlet mall that had a Crocs store and I started trying them on. I purchased a pair of flip flops like the ones above in grey and aqua.  I loved them, they felt like I was waking on pillows and I wore them everywhere and when it got cold I still wore them in the house with socks, now I must admit that did look real dumb but still felt great.  When I spent hours on my feet cooking and serving food over the holidays I never had foot pain.  I even took them to my niece’s on Thanksgiving to wear in her house as slippers and that’s where I forgot them. I was not able to get them back, maybe the dog ate them or something.

Well, nothing could replace them except for another pair of Crocs so on our travels I asked my husband to stop at that outlet mall and I got a replacement pair or two. his time I also got a pair of the traditional clogs with the holes in them. 

Today I wore them to the gas station and post office.  Then I walked to the end of the driveway twice once for trash cans and later for the mail.  I even spent time chopping ice from he front walk and guess what? These shoes were great on the snow.  I never slipped once.  My feet didn’t get cold just a little wet from the holes.

Guess what, I think they figured out they are great in the snow too because now they make styles that are more snow friendly.  They have clogs with no holes, fur lined clogs and even knee high fur lined boots. you can view a selection of their new styles down below.

I guess Crocs are starting to grown on me. Next time I’m going for a more snow friendly pair. Did I mention that they are cheap too!

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