Now Print The Coupons You Need And Use From This Site

OK I know a lot of people look at the way I clip coupons and shop as being too much work or too much time for them to mess with.  I agree it does take time and is some work but it really pays off in the long run. Once you have a system set up it can really be streamlined.

I have something new on my site for all the people that don’t want to purchase multiple Sunday papers and clip out coupons. Scroll down and look at the left side bar for the blue area with coupons.  You can print out, from home, the coupons you want to use on a shopping trip.  Search the stores sale items then match them to a coupon, print it out and head to the store for your savings.

~Read this before you print out any coupons~

Helpfull Hints for printing out coupons from home

  • Find out if the store accepts printed coupons before you print them

  • Save paper by printing on the blank back side of scrap paper

  • Save ink by printing in black only

  • Use a normal print setting because the bar-code needs to be scannable

  • Manufacturer coupons usually can be combined with store coupons but ask first

  • Know that some sites limit the number of coupons you can print out

  • The coupons change so check back often



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