Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference In MN Sept. 11-13 Free Tickets

I’m so excited I just signed up for the Midwest Super Conference to be held Sept 11-13 in MN.  It’s right across the street from Mall Of America.   I think I’ll have to hit the mall a time or two if I have the energy.

They had a great hotel room rate too.  Oh, and did I mention that it’s FREE this year to attend.  You pay a $97.00 deposit and on the first day at registration they give you $100.00 so that’s better than FREE you make $3.00.  If you don’t show up you don’t get the $100.00 but let me tell you the bonuses you get right after you pay your deposit are worth much more than $100.00 so you still don’t lose.

I can’t tell you how great of an opportunity it is to get to meet, in person, all these Big Internet Masters. I know you thought I was going to say Guru’s. This is your chance to network with like minded people and maybe even create some JV partnerships or products.

The kids are all going Back To School and so will I at the  Midwest Super Conference

If you can’t come I’ll miss you but keep checking this site to hear an update of how it all went.

To find out all the details visit

Jeff Mills Midwest Super Conference 2009 

Farewell To Walter Cronkite

A great voice in History was laid to rest this week,  Walter Cronkite at age 92.  While I do remember him from the nightly news my latest memories were from a movie the kids would watch over and over when they were younger.  I had to go look it up online to figure out what movie it was and I found it.  Walter Cronkite played Captian Neweyes in the movie We’re Back A Dinosour’s Story.  So if you missed it back in the early 90’s here is a clip.  Captian Neweyes appears near the end of the clip. 


Roller Babies – Evian Commercial – ‘Rapper’s Delight’


I saw this on a news report the other day and then again in an email so just incase you missed it here it is again.

The Roller Babies Evian Water Commercial

Amazon’s Best Selling 6″ Kindle is Now On Sale

                     Amazon Kindle $299.00

Run don’t walk to get in on this deal.

They have them instock Now!

Just in time for Summer Vacation or Back to School

Note that this is NOT the New Kindle DX that I wrote about in a past post HERE

This is the smaller version and plenty big enough for most people to enjoy. 

Check out all the facts on the site by clicking HERE.


Happy Reading :)

Give Away Of The Day Pick Up Win Utilities 7.0 For Free Today Only

This is another great giveaway for today only at

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I suggest you bookmark this site and check it first thing every morning.

They give great software programs away, a new one everyday.  You only have that day to download and install it to be able to have the full program for free.

The companies do this because they want you to leave your comments about how you liked it. I always check to see if the program has a thumbs up or down raiting from it’s users.

This program got a lot of great reviews and who couldn’t use a little help with cleaning out their computer? We all have the need for speed!

You have today only to go get this great program for FREE.


iRazoo Do You Get Paid To Search and Comment?


                           Paid To Search

I found a new program that pays when you to search and then comment on the sites you find it’s called iRazoo . I know another strange company name, who comes up with these things?

Just use their search bar every time you do a search. Find a site check it out then vote if you recommend it yes or no and get 4 points and leave a comment for another 4 points. HINT Leave your comment before the yes or no.

You can win instantly with any search or save up points to purchase prizes.  Your search points are linited to 300 a day.

Each friend who registers on the iRazoo website with your link will earn you “50” points. (They will also give your friend “50” points as well). There is no limit to the number of points you can earn this way. You have no daily limit, the number of points you can earn are unlimited!

In addition to more points, each person you refer to the website increases your chances of earning an Instant-Win Gift Certificate! How you may ask? It’s simple. If anybody you refer to the iRazoo website wins a Gift Certificate, you will win that same Gift Certificate as well! Gift certificates are awarded randomly to users just for searching and/or voting on websites.

The best way to earn more points or win an Instant Gift Certificate is to use iRazoo as your everyday search engine and to refer as many people as possible to iRazoo.

Why not get paid for what you are already doing for Free?

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Money Saving Coupons Just Reloaded

Check out the newly loaded coupons that will save you money on lots of the items you plan to buy.


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Simply choose the ones you want with a click and then print them out with your printer.  You can save on color ink and just print with black ink.  Some of the coupons let you print more than one so you can go back and print more till your limit is met.



Happy Independence Day July 4th GoDaddy Video

Happy Independence Day from!

The is the BEST Independence Day video I have seen this year, enjoy!

Free Giveaway PDFZilla Program- Today Only – Run Don’t Walk


In a past post I told you about Giveaway Of The Day you can view it HERE.

Well Today they have a great PDF converting program ,PDFZilla   It’s a desktop application that quickly and accurately converts PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files.

I know this will come in handy for many people and today’s you can get it FREE.  The site has reviews from it’s users and it’s been a big hit. This is NOT a FREE Trial it’s a full functioning program that you can use forever for FREE.

The company offers it for Free to get feedback from users on their product and to start a BUZZ. Give it a try and if you don’t find it useful just uninstall it.

Hope you enjoy the FREE gift.

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Welcome July-Where Did The Year Go

Welcome July

Wow!  Half the year is over already and I still have so much I want to do. It seems like only yesterday I was messing with all the tax papers to send to the accountant.  Looking back I thought I would have made more progress than I have. 

When my friend cross country asked if I would like to start an accountability group I said sure. Can two people be a group?  OK maybe we are an accountability pair. Any how she is by far the leader, she knows how to get things done so I should learn a lot.  And if she wants me to kick her in the butt sometimes who am I not to help a friend out.

So we started with goal setting.  I chose headings of: Health, Relationships, Finance, Business and Life.  Then I did Long Term Goals: July, 1 Year, 2 Year and 5 Year.  My husband should be happy, I have him fully retired in 5 years.  That would be 10 years early of the customary 65 retirement age.  Now a days 65 is young with the lost of so manys retirement savings, us included. In 5 years all three kids should be out of college and on their own. Another happy occasion to look forward to, Oh I forgot about wedding expenses. In 5 years I plan to have more than enough money coming in to cover all our needs.

My friend gave me an article to read to get the ball rolling and it had some very good points in it.  The article was written by Dr. John C. Maxwell. One statement that really hit home was and I quote “You can’t achieve everything.  You have to decide what is most important and focus on that.” 

I like to think that I have focus, it’s just in wide-screen.  I think of it as looking at the big picture. I tend to jump from one shinny item to the next. I love having choices and being able to choose them all, one at a time. I do believe that they are all leading to the same single goal  or focus of making me money. I think of them as my education, to get me one step closer to my goal.  I think I believe if I ever found that one special, super, fantastic thing that brought in all the money I ever needed I would stick with it and only it.  Until that time I’ll continue to try many options and build Multiple streams of income.