Put it on your Christmas List The Flip Video Camcorder Mino Gadget & Accessories

 You’re going to Flip for this digital gadget

I purchased a Flip Video Mino for myself as an early Christmas present because I found a good deal on one. I used it a few days ago to make a video and loved how easy it was to use. Take a look  I set it on a tripod and started recording myself doing a car repair. 

I loved how small it is.   The picture quality was perfect. I don’t have to worry about loading tapes and finding the cords to upload to the computer. It will record 60 minutes digitally. It recharges on my computer so no need for batteries.  The Mino retails for $179.00 but I got mine for around 159.00.  Ebay has some great deals on the Mino.

You won’t believe the product ideas some people have come up with building on the Flip Movement.

Artists have even gotten on it.  Check out CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT ART by VALENTI .

You won’t believe some of the great accessories people have come up with that work with the Flip.  

This guy is selling a chest mount for the Flip so you can get all the action shots while doing your favorite sport.  Here’s another Action Mount that works great on a bike.

Here is a car mount for recording while driving inside the car or out.  He even shows video samples he took in the listing. 

Need a protective case for your Flip Mino or other compact camera?  Here’s a perfect one.

Here’s the perfect tabletop mini tripod great for the Flip or your camera.

Don’t miss the Flip Tips Where you will learn how to turn your Flip clips into movies you will want to share with friends and family and even on YouTube.

Check out my lens

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