Quick and Easy Crock Pot Lasagna

Quick and Easy Crock Pot Lasagna

2-3 lbs ground beef   browned and drained

4 lbs of Prego spaghetti sauce

16 oz cottage cheese

16 oz ricotta cheese

3 cups shredded mozzarella cheese divided

2 -12oz boxes Creamette MaFalda noodles mini lasagna noodles


Use a 6qt or larger crock pot

In the sauce pot with the browned and drained meat add all the Prego sauce and set aside

In a separate bowl add the cottage cheese, ricotta and 2 cups of mozzarella set aside

In the crock pot start layering 1/3 of meat sauce

1 box of uncooked noodles

1/2 of cheese mixture

repeat meat, noodles, cheese

finish with last third of meat sauce and last 1 cup of mozzarella on top

cover with lid

cook on high 3 hours

This also tasted great reheated the next day.

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