Russell Brunson Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge.. Stimulate The Economy

I’m always on the lookout for Great Deals and here is a Super one if you are interested in learning how to make money online.  Russell Brunson sent me an email about this challenge he is offering, the winner will win a corvette and there are a bunch of other prizes along the way.  Since I never win anything that didn’t excite me but what did excite me is the FREE training he is offering to everyone that signs up.

I was so impressed with how he has it all set up.  There are 6 mods, watch a video take the quiz and do the homework.  It gets you to take action, you learn by doing.  You will learn how to get traffic, promote a product or service, generate targeted leads, everything online marketers need to know. Great for people in MLM, network marketing and affiliate marketing too.  

 The first video had such great info in it.  Find out why  Russell is proud to earn a lot of money and has just built a large home.  Russell will also have two weekly live broadcasts where you can ask the expert questions. The first one is Monday and they will be recorded for viewing later if you missed it.

I can’t tell you the value of all this information he is giving out FREE, it’s enormous.  Believe me I have spent a lot of money on ebooks that said they had all the answers, that never earned me a penny. He is offering this all for FREE after you sign up he has an offer to make a donation and get a free ebook for just the shipping, if you don’t want it just close out the window and skip that part,  check your email for your welcome letter and get started for FREE.

With the holidays coming and this economy everyone could use a way to make some more money from home in their spare time. Learn the right way, from an expert that has done it over and over again.  That’s why I’m taking advantage of this training and I hope you will too.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going and what I’m learning along the way. I hope you will also join and post a comment as to how it’s going for you also.

Thank you Russell for offering me your time and knowledge and doing your part to stimulate the economy.

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