Save Money On Eating Out, Free Food

How To Eat For Free Or At Deep Discounts?

With family budgets getting tighter everyday many families are choosing to eat at home to save money.  The restaurants are feeling the pinch too, so many are offering deals to get you into their doors to eat.

Many times you can eat cheaper if you order their daily specials and use coupons. I came across this video with a bunch of ways to save while dining out. Watch it then come back for more tips.

Here are the three sites she mentioned that list the restaurants that offer Kids Eat For Free Nights . 

The last one was added from a Twitter Friend

I use my Discover bonus dollars to purchase gift cards at a savings for restaurants like Olive Garden and Applebees to give as gifts and also to use thought the year for our family.

I have a daughter that lives in Milwaukee and I buy her an Entertainment Coupon Book that has hundreds of coupons that are good for a full year. A Big help for a college student.

Here is a way to save the most when buying an Entertainment Coupon Book. Sign up for FREE at EBates here , you will earn a $5.00 sign-up bonus and get $6.00 cash back on each Entertainment Book and you will save $5.00 off each book and get Free Shipping. Just search “Entertainment book” from your eBates page after you sign up.  If you wait till summertime you can pick the book  up for half price which is another option but you only have a half a year to use the coupons.

Special Note… This year be careful choosing gift cards because so many Restaurants and Stores are going out of business and then they will be worthless.

I keep my fast food and restaurant coupons in the car so I always have them with me when I need them.  Another tip I have used if I’m running around in town is I’ll call a pizza place from the car and order with my coupons and then pick it up on my way home and save on delivery charges and a tip, after all I’m already out.

Hope these tips can save you some money dinning out and some time away from your kitchen this Holiday Season.


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