Saving Money And Learning Lessons AT BigLots

I made a run over to BigLots to see if they had any great deals.  I picked out a few items and went to check out. I asked the cashier if my three white plastic totes that were stained on the sides could be marked down any and they said they could take one dollar off each so they went down to $5.00 so once again IT PAYS TO ASK I saved $3.00!

In the car I happened to read over my receipt and found a few errors.  I went back in and pointed out that they charged me for two bins that came as a pair an $8.00 error and they charge me a higher price on 4 sets of Christmas lights that was a $2.40 error. So by checking my receipt I saved paying and extra $10.40 plus tax. A better way to caught errors is to watch each item as it gets rung up or at least check it before you leave the store.  Live and learn.

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