Secret Sources To Save Money Shopping Using Coupons

If you’re looking for some FREE sources to help you save money using coupons this year I have put together this post to get to started off right. This was my first video I posted last year.

On it I tell my tricks and sources for using coupons the smart way.

Below are the new up to date links to the sources I use.

Here is the linkto the site that tells you state by state which paper has which inserts in it. It should be your first step to choosing the paper to buy for the best coupon assortment.

Did you know there’s a site where you can view each weeks coupons before they come out?  You can decide if you really want that weeks coupons and just how many you should plan to buy. Thank you Taylortown! Take a look at the coupons that will be in this Sunday’s paper  Here

This site has a listing of which inserts will be in each weeks paper.  It’s important information to help you decide if you want to pick up the paper that week. CouponMom has posted the new 2009 coupon insert schedule view it here Here.

Here is the data base linkwhere you type in what products you want a coupon for and it will tell you if there’s a coupon nd what paper it was in.

Look to the right side bar  and scroll down for my other coupon related videos.

Happy Savings to you all in 2009!

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