Send Christmas Cards Fast- Send Out Cards- Time Saving

This time of year gets very busy getting ready for the Holidays.  There’s cleaning, shopping, cooking, cards, decorating, baking, parties, etc.  I’m always looking for ways to save time so I can get more done.
This year I learn about a great idea that saved me a lot of time on sending out my Christmas Cards.  In years past I have tried many different ideas.  A few years I even hand made each card.  The past few years we went with a photo postcard and a family letter.  I started printing out my labels on the computer and that saved a lot of time but didn’t look that great.
This year I was introduced to Send Out Cards at the end of November.  My first thought was it would be a great program to keep in touch with all my clients during the year.  It would streamline sending out Birthday and holiday cards so I signed up. The clock was ticking so I had to get busy quickly. I found the system very easy to learn.  I chose my birthday cards to send out in December, worked on adding the database of names and addresses and then started designing my Christmas Card.  My husband always writes the family newsletter so I just used that on the inside of the card. I updated my Christmas list addresses added them to the program and with a few clicks of the mouse I was able to send out 142 cards.  The company will print them and fold them and place them in a hand stamped, addressed envelope with our return address on the outside.  It’s sealed shut and mailed out for me. Now that all the addresses are in the program sending out next years cards will go even quicker.
I can also send out gifts with my cards or gift cards all with the click of a mouse.
This has saved me so much time now I have to get back to my shopping.  Time is running out to order things online. I started doing most of my shopping online a few years ago when I learned about cash back sites like Big Crumbs and EBates. Not only do I get to use coupons and discounts but they pay me back a % of my purchase from shopping thru their portal. Big Crumbs will even give you 5.00 when you sign up. I don’t have to brave the cold, find a parking space and fight the crowds my selections are delivered right to the door and most of the time with free shipping.  If you stick with the big box stores the items can be  returned or exchanged easily.
I’m off to do my shopping.  Hope some of these hints will save you time and money this year.
Merry Christmas!

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