Snoopy Come Home Cat travels 1500 miles to find his owners

Snoopy the cat traveled almost 1,500 miles, from north central WI to Clear Water, FL to be reunited with it’s owners.

OK, he had a little help.  My husband Jim and our son Kyle drove Snoopy in his carrier on the back seat of the climate controlled, smooth riding van the entire way.

And do you know why they drove him?  No, the owners didn’t leave him behind. It’s because the cat doesn’t like to fly. Don’t ask me how you know your cat doesn’t like to fly.

Snoopy’s owners moved to FL on Friday via a plane.  Snoopy road from the airport to our home for a few hour visit then hit the road for a 5 hour trip to my in-laws in Chicago Heights.  A short nights rest and they were back on the road till night hit and they slept in a cat friendly hotel in Georgia. FYI the GPS didn’t know Atlanta very well.  Sunday was 7 more hours of travel till they hit Clear Water, FL AKA Snoopy’s new home.

The guys put their feet in the Gulf, had a nice dinner and visited with Snoopys owners. After a good nights sleep they turned the van around and drove north, straight through, till they arrived in Wausau, WI. at 5 am Tuesday morning. The van averaged 16.5 miles per gallon and gas averaged $4.00 a gallon with a round trip of 2.970 miles. That’s enough math.  Snoopy made it home safe and sound and so did my men.

All is good, well, except the van is in the shop for an oil change, repacking the front bearings and checking out the squeaky breaks because this weekend I’m hitting the road to IL.

Sure wish gas wasn’t so expensive.

Snoopy’s not crying anymore!


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