What Am I Reading Now?

Above are the three latest books I have been reading and learning.  The Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth By Richard Paul Evans I first read back in October of 2007.  It came in my start up kit for BookWise and I read it from cover to cover in a few sittings.  Then Rick himself took us through the book chapter by chapter and even gave us homework. I was very honored to recieve an ounce of silver from Rick for turning in my assignment on time. I will cherish it always.  I have mentioned in other posts that it was that book that got me started with this blog.  Rick has now created a 5 Lessons for Women cd and I was at that recording via a webcast. He has worked it into a home party plan for women called Rich Women Rich Desserts.  BookWise affiliates may choose to promote their business by holding home parties.  Other ideas are being added for just men and also couples.

The One Minute Millionaire I finished a few weeks ago.  It was a monthly offering from Bookwise and the following month the authors Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen held calls teaching not only what they wrote but also the process of how they came together and how the book came about.  The story behind the story. They are both great mentors with a lot to teach.  It’s a very unique book. I wrote about it in another post located here http://multischemesforincome.com/the-one-minute-millionaire-mentoring/

Right now I’m into chapter 10 of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles. It’s a great book and has lots of my high lighting in it.  I always have two books with me one that I’m reading and the other for writting down my ideas.  As I come upon an and exercise I do it in my book.  I also jot down aha triggers and quotes I want to remember.  I learned  the two book technique from an author interview at BookWise.

So what are you reading this summer?  I welcome questions and comments and I’d like to hear about books you are reading too.


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