Starbucks Free Coffee at Barnes & Noble Coupon & Shopping Deals Update


Print your coupons Here

Free Coffee and a discount on a store purchase.

Good till Oct. 31st so print a few and enjoy a break Today and bring a friend!



It pays to ASK

I started my family November Birthday and Christmas shopping tonight since I had a bunch of coupons.  Last I went to Barnes & Noble for my FREE cup of Cappuccino, I had Pumpkin Spice Yum! I had one 15% off coupon from last week and I printed two more to have on hand.  I found three books, two were gifts and I just had to have the other, for a business reference and tax right off.  I ask at the counter If there was any way I could use three coupons and he said “if you have three items” Bingo!  I was able to use my B&N discount card for 10% off each book and then another 15% off with the coupons.  I saved a total of $16.44 and I also got my Free Cappuccino and a night out of the house.


I also did some online shopping before I left home. Ebates offers 2% cash back from NewEgg and my son wanted an $89 super dooper gaming mouse.  NewEgg had it on sale for 15.00 off and then the company has a rebate for another $15.00 off, perfect timing.  I put it on my Discover for another 5% cash back and it was FREE shipping.

Last I also shopped Best Buy online through my BigCrumbs site they pay 1.5% cash back.  I got the new Flip Mino YouTube camcorder for $20.00 off and a few other items. By going to the store and picking them up I saved over 10.00 in shipping and handling charges and once again Discover because it pays me to use it.  By doing the online with store pickup you can park in a special up close parking spot, go uop to the counter and everything is ready and waiting for you.  It prevents impluse purchasing and it’s quick in and out.  Plus I also earn cash back with my BB rewards Zone card.

One of my next posts will be on how I Discovered the BEST savings deal on my Christmas shopping.

It has nothing to do with Black Friday.

Happy savings to all and to all a goodnight!

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