Tax Time Ron Mueller To The Rescue For Home Business Owners


I was just on a live call last night with Ron Mueller. He gave the background on why everyone should have a home business especially people that also have a traditional JOB. You can set things up so you will be making an automatic $100.00 extra every week from your JOB.  It’s like giving yourself a raise.  Who couldn’t use an extra $400.00 a month?  Just like in his book he gave easy step by step ways to keep records of all your business deductions.

I know it’s tax time and that stresses a lot of people out.  By following Ron’s book I now know what I should be doing for each business expense I want to take.  He lists the tax law reference so my accountant will know what I’m doing too.  Many accountants are not trained or don’t keep up to date on small home business rules so make sure you are prepared and know what is aloud by law.

Don’t think that it’s too late for 2008 deductions.  Ron tell’s you many ways to go back and reconstruct records.  Many people have been able to go back and refile past years and get refunds they missed.

Buy the book now so you can start off on the right track for 2009 tax savings.

Dr. Ron Mueller’s **new 5th edition** book,


Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!

is now available in Printed format as well as a digital download!
(Formerly titled, “It’s How Much You KEEP That Counts! Not how much you Make.”)
Ron also Guarantees that this book will increase your REFUND by thousands
or he will buy the book back from you, in ANY condition, for a whole year!

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