The New BookWise 2.0 Winning In The Margins

Today is the Big day.  BookWise 2.0 is being put into action.  I have put a lot of the new details about the New BookWise 2.0 affiliate business on a blog page to the left.  There is no better person to tell you about the business than Richard Paul Evans himself.  Just go to  Type in the passkey bookdreams

Richard has been a mentor of mine for the past 9 months and his Winning In The Margins lesson is what moved me to start practicing the lessons and starting up this blog. In Richards book he talks about the 7 golden words.  On our mentoring calls there have been many great stories of people saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars by using these words on one expense.

BookWise 2.0 is all about mentoring and being mentored in all parts of our lives. It’s the greatest company I have ever been a part of and I’m excited to grow along with them.

Take a few minutes and hear the lessons that Richard Paul Evans will share with you on this presentation. If you want to be a part of BookWise that’s great but if it’s not for you at this time I hope you will still gain great value for the few minutes you invested.   Type in passkey bookdreams

Enjoy the presentation, Natalie Becker

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