This Fridays Walgreens Deals


Remember the $5.00 off a $20.00 purchase coupon for Friday only I told you about.  Here are the deals I got.

First a little background.  Our clothes washer stopped working this week so I packed up the dirty laundry and headed to the Laundromat with my 16 year old son, he was thrilled, NOT!

I filled up three washers, left him there and headed down the road to Walgreens with two of the $5.00 off coupons and my shopping list.

Deal 1

GM cereal             3/7.00  plus  register reward 2.00

GM cereal              1.00 off 2 mfg couponGM cereal

GM cereal              1.00 off 2 mfgcoupon  

4 12 packs of pop    4.11.00

FREE Pepsi max       store coupon 

suave shamp               2/3.00

suave condit               BOGO coupon  1.50 value

5.00 off one day coupon

2.00 register rewards coupon from last week

Walgreens advertised savings 12.70

mfg coupons 9.75

My total was 9.65

Deal 2

suave shamp  2.49

suave shamp bogo free up to 2.00   2.00 off or .49

suave shamp  2.49

suave shamp  bogo free up to 2.00   2.00 off or .49

walgreens hand soap refill 3.99*walgreens brand aleve   3.99

*walgreens omega 3  4.99

*walgreens omega 3 BOGO FREE

*buy these three get 10.00 rebate

$5.00 off 20.00 coupon

2.00 register reward from last week

2.00 register reward from last week

Wag advertised savings 8.99

MFG coupons 10.00

Total 8.92

I was in and out rather quickly. I figured the money I saved at Walgreens paid for the $16.00 I had to spend at the laundromat.  Wow can’t wait to get the washer back. 

Anyone out there have any advice on washers?  It’s 6 years old.  Should I get it fixed or buy a new front loading washer? We just had to replace a dishwasher because the repairs were going to be too expensive and we wasted 65.00 for the service call so I don’t want to do that again. Wish someone in the family could fix this stuff cheap!

It’s nearing the end of the month so I’ll be working on filling out my Walgreens June Rebate form.  I’ll try to file on line this month and let you know how that goes.

Till next time


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