Time Saving, Money Saving, Goldmine In The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning, Food Rotation, Super Savings Plan 


What you are looking at in the above pictures is my collection of Food.  Food that I have clipped coupons for, shopped sales for, brought home and stored. OK, I may have a problem passing up a good deal but by planning my purchases in this way I’m saving a lot of money.

The other day my husband said I should STOP buying till we eat all the food we have on hand.  What a concept.  At first I was insulted thinking he thought I wasn’t doing a good job of saving us money.  Then I took a good look at how much food we have on hand and thought maybe he was right.  I made sure to tell him I would still have to buy milk and eggs and things like that. I just can’t quite bargain shopping cold turkey, pardon the pun.

If you have been following my posts for some time, you know how I purchase several papers a week to collect a lot of coupons to buy in bulk when an item goes on sale.  While I take this time off I’m sure I’ll feel like I’m missing out on a lot of great deals but I do realize that the deals will come around again.  Throwing out expired food even if it was cheap is not a good deal.

With Spring approaching I’ll look at this as an opportunity to Spring clean the pantry. 

We will be saving;






I’m sure the meals will get rather interesting as we run out of items.  I’ll keep you filled in on how it’s going and I’ll update my photos with hopefully empty shelves soon.  I wonder just how long it will take to eat our way-out of house and home. I may even throw in some meal plan ideas along the way.

Life is just a journey and this will be a mini vacation for me.

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