To All The Moms Of 2009 Graduates The Mom Song


 Sunday was the High School graduation for our youngest child Eric.  We are so proud of him!  I feel that my life has moved on to another stage now.  The Mom song perfectly imitates my life for the past 21 years.  Now I feel like most of that is all in the past.  I have done my part in raising three wonderful adults and it’s time for them to take charge of their own lives.  While I’ll still be here for a shoulder to lean on, some financial support and a bit of advice it’s time for them to live their own dreams.

I loved the Mom Song the first time I heard it and now I’ll share it with you.  This is to all the Moms out there who are working so hard raising their kids. While it may feel like it will never end it really does go by quickly.


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